You are not forgetting to come!


For health and safety reasons, we kindly ask the visitors to register for the event. Just send us an email to with your handle and group(s). We will contact you via email with further instructions.

InérciaDemoparty will follow every recommendations by the national health advisors. Right now, with so few visitors, the rules are much less tighter, but nevertheless we ask:

- a UE digital certificate. You can get there in your country's national health website. Over here, head to and click on "Aceder" to receive a code on your phone that will allow you to download the certificate.
- a negative quick test with less than 24 hours. If you don't bring it, we will perform a test at the door (for free!). You will be asked to wait outside for 15 minutes until the result is through. Bring an umbrella...
- we will perform another test on the second day of the party (for free, again!)
- mandatory use of masks whenever you're inside the party place. This includes the main hall, corridors and bar, except when you're eating (duh!). We are trying to secure an open air place for smokers and people wanting some fresh air but don't want to go outside, but the weather is trying to pull a trick on us...
- frequently wash your hands or sanitise them.

If we all follow these simple rules, InérciaDemoparty will be a case-free event and everyone can safely go back to their families and friends!