2021-11-02 - Party is over!


InérciaDemoparty2021 is over. It is no more. It has gone and meet its creator. It has kicked the bucket. It has shuffled off its mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleeding choir invisible.

I would like to thank everyone who didn't forget to come, you guys are awesome! Also, thanks to our stream viewers.

Also also, a HUUUUUUGE thanks to some people, without who it would have been impossible to organise InérciaDemoparty2021:

- Our amazing sponsors! Once again, Shana / MountainBytes and rc55 / Nova, two organisers of european demoparties, decided to sponsor Inércia, and it was deeply appreciated! Also, lordcoxis, a spectrum scener and Inércia visitor, sponsored this year's edition as well! Oh boy, we feel so lucky!!! Thank you all so much!!!

- Luís Albergaria, my good friend, not only managed to secure the location for us, but also helped (a lot!) during the build up and build down. Luís, you are OUT OF THIS WORLD!

- ps and alien, my "brothers in arms" organising this event. Give these guys a huge standing ovation, please!

It's over, but... you can relive it, kind of, if you dare :) Check the releases and the recordings of the stream:

- Releases on Demozoo:

- Recordings on Youtube:

That's all for this year. I sincerely hope that you enjoyed, in a way or another, InérciaDemoparty2021.

- jeenio

2021-10-30 - Themed Fast Compos


This year, the theme for the Fast Compos is: make a remix of any portuguese demoscene production.

Yes, we are aware that we already have that compo. So, we decided we want more entries, so we're merging the Remix Compo with the fast ones. It can be a single graphic, a piece of music or a full blown demo, you'll have until 17:00 (Lisbon time) to make your own take of your favourite portuguese scene prod. And don't go easy on us, really, destroy whatever you feel it needs some destruction, or make it more beautiful, up to you!

To upload your production, get yourself a votekey (discord, twitch or, login/register on and profit!

2021-10-27 - Tickets for the party...


... well, how to put it... there are none! Like, it's free! As in free lunch!

I know, I know... They must be crazy. I guarantee you, we know we are crazy for a long time now. But that's not the reason why we are not charging an entrance fee.

- Wonderful sponsors! Some beautiful people decided they want to support the smallest party in the world. Shoutout to Shana and rc55 for their amazing contributions, you guys are great! Lots of love to both of you!

- Amazing low number of visitors! When we have 4 (four!) paying visitors two days before the party starts, one should wonder if it's worth it to do it at all. I tell you, it is! It is going to be great, and instead of tables separated by 2 meters, we can have a 10 meter gap!

- Portugal's national budget wasn't approved! For the first time in our democracy, the government didn't manage to secure all the votes to have the national budget approved in the parliament. This means we will have some hard times ahead, so we want to give back to our poor portuguese sceners, who apparently don't even have money to come to an yearly event. We got your back!

That's it. InérciaDemoparty2021 is free. So is the rain. Now you choose.

2021-10-27 - Covid19, be gone!


InérciaDemoparty will follow every recommendations by the national health advisors. Right now, with so few visitors, the rules are much less tighter, but nevertheless we ask:

- a UE digital certificate. You can get there in your country's national health website. Over here, head to and click on "Aceder" to receive a code on your phone that will allow you to download the certificate.
- a negative quick test with less than 24 hours. If you don't bring it, we will perform a test at the door (for free!). You will be asked to wait outside for 15 minutes until the result is through. Bring an umbrella...
- we will perform another test on the second day of the party (for free, again!)
- mandatory use of masks whenever you're inside the party place. This includes the main hall, corridors and bar, except when you're eating (duh!). We are trying to secure an open air place for smokers and people wanting some fresh air but don't want to go outside, but the weather is trying to pull a trick on us...
- frequently wash your hands or sanitise them.

If we all follow these simple rules, InérciaDemoparty will be a case-free event and everyone can safely go back to their families and friends!

2021-10-26 - 3 new compos


Due to popular demand, we proudly present 3 brand new compos! This happened either because we got more than 3 similar entries in a category, or perhaps someone has access to higher placed people and, you know, bribery can happen...

The new compos are:

- 512b TIC-80: because 256b isn't enough for some people, apparently.

- Executable Graphics: something that runs but doesn't move... right??

- Tracked music: making music in a text editor because... yes.

Head to the compos internet leaflet for more information, rules and "not-compromised-by-medication" text (yeah, sorry.)

2021-10-24 - Party sytem is online!


We are now ready to accept your productions! If you are participating physically or remotely, you can already upload your entries and let us handle them well in advance. This means we can hang around more time and talk about pressing issues during the party!

Just browse to our PARTY SYSTEM, register using the votekey you've received during the pre-registration process and login. Easy as that!

2021-10-19 - Seminars! Seminars! Come and learn!


It's with great pleasure that we announce our seminars. While you are at Inércia Demoparty, you will have the chance to learn new things or get more information about two wonderful topics.

Paulo Falcão - Raymarching in Material Maker

On Saturday, Paulo Falcão will speak about Raymarching in Material Maker, a procedural PBR (Physically Based Rendering) material authoring tool, based on the Godot Engine. The use of nodes makes the program easy to use and you will be making textures for your shaders in no time.
After the seminar, there will be a fast competition, where you will be able to make some materials with your recent knowledge and participate against other visitors.

Buu342 - Reflective Regret: Adventures in Nintendo 64 homebrew

On Sunday, it will be Buu342's turn to enlighten us about the hard life of coding for the Nintendo 64. Alternative title: "A case study of Stockholm Syndrome: The Nintendo 64 development community." Not recommended for the faint of heart!


After each seminar, there will be a quick Q&A round. Don't miss these amazing talks!

2021-10-02 - Party place confirmed!


After an exhausting endeavour, we finally secured the location for InérciaDemoparty 2021! During the first six months, every single place told us it was too soon to book an event in the end of October, as the evolution of the pandemic was quite unknown. After the holidays (July and August, months where apparently nothing can be arranged) we resumed our contacts and everything was booked! Somehow, it felt like we missed the boat...

When hope was beginning to fade away, and thanks to some really cool friends, we managed to book ADF - Academia Dramática Familiar, a small venue with very nice owners, who were thrilled to host our event and provide us with the necessary acommodations to make InérciaDemoparty a successful event.


So, make sure to pre-register to secure your spot, as we will most likely have to limit the number of attendants for health and safety issues. And start working on your demos, if you haven't done so yet!

2021-08-14 - Website is live!


As we speak, Névoke demoparty is happening online and we are announcing some info there. Our friends will be plugging InérciaDemoparty and we feel obligated to send them love and our many thanks for it. :-)

Also, during Revision demoparty we released an invitation video, check it out.