20th anniversary

The only existing Portuguese demoparty is back.

... And don't forget to come!
What? 20 years already??

Yeah, we can't believe it either. It seems like yesterday - or maybe two weeks ago - that mat/ozone and his trusty companion honoured us with their visit in 2001. We could finally say that we had a true demoparty in Portugal.

In these strange times, we will do our best to ensure that we can celebrate with your presence this anniversary. That means that even this little fellow will have to wear mask and wash its hands regularly.

I know he doesn't have ears to hold the mask. We'll figure something out.

What is a demoparty?

It is a gathering that unites artists and nerds in order to show and compete with their creations made with computers. There are different categories, code, music and graphics, but they all come together in productions that DEMOnstrate the artists abilites, hence the name "demo".

In Portugal, there were other demoparties (Atlantic Scene, Simple, Breeze) but none with the longevity and impact as Inércia Demoparty. Since 2001, there were 12 editions organized in different cities around the country with visitors from several countries (Spain, Netherlands, Hungary, Finland and USA).

When and where?

InérciaDemoparty2021 will take place during the weekend of October 30th and 31st. Make sure you check the timetable so you don't miss any event.

It will take place in Academia Dramática Familiar, in Lisbon, Portugal, close to the river Tagus and major monuments.

Accessible by car, train, tram and bus.

What about the pandemic?

Over here in Portugal, Covid-19 cases and fatalities are steadily going down as we approach a good number of fully vaccinated people - 85%, as we speak - and Lisbon is currently considered a low risk area. Data shows us that it is now safe to assume that in the end of October it will be not only possible to organise InérciaDemoparty, but it will be safe both to our visitors and to us.

We ask sensible, easy to comply rules to attend our event, like a digital certificate and a negative test. Also, masks are mandatory whenever you're inside the party hall.


Frequently Asked Questions


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Inércia Demoparty
When and where will InérciaDemoparty take place?

InérciaDemoparty2021 will take place during the weekend of October 30th and 31st. Normally we go from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon, but Monday is a holiday in Portugal so we prefer our visitors to enjoy the whole party without asking their bosses for Friday off. Check the timetable.

It will take place in Academia Dramática Familiar, in Lisbon, Portugal, close to the river Tagus and major monuments.

Will it happen physically? Have you heard of COVID-19?!

Yeah, we have. And, believe me, the last thing we would want is InérciaDemoparty to be a coronavirus spreading ground... Right now, the number of new cases and fatalities, combined with the advanced state of vaccination, make us feel comfortable enough to organise this event.

If you're travelling from abroad, make sure you read the measures implemented in Portugal that the government took to protect the entire population and our visitors.

Will it be safe?

Of course! InérciaDemoparty will follow every recommendations by the national health advisors. Right now, with so few visitors, the rules are much less tighter, but nevertheless we ask:
- a UE digital certificate. You can get there in your country's national health website. Over here, head to and click on "Aceder" to receive a code on your phone that will allow you to download the certificate.
- a negative quick test with less than 24 hours. If you don't bring it, we will perform a test at the door (for free!). You will be asked to wait outside for 15 minutes until the result is through. Bring an umbrella...
- we will perform another test on the second day of the party (for free, again!) - mandatory use of masks whenever you're inside the party place. This includes the main hall, corridors and bar, except when you're eating (duh!). We are trying to secure an open air place for smokers and people wanting some fresh air but don't want to go outside, but the weather is trying to pull a trick on us...
- frequently wash your hands or sanitise them.
If we all follow these simple rules, InérciaDemoparty will be a case-free event and everyone can safely go back to their families and friends!

I don't live in Lisbon. Do you provide accomodation?

We do not. However, there are quite a few Hotels in the Belém area, as well as several B&B's. If you need help, please contact us in advance so we can sort you out.

How much is the entrance fee?

There is no entrance fee! Thanks to our sponsors, we managed to get enough to cover our expenses, so that the poor people from Portugal don't have to spend their allowance on the dozens of demoparties that are organised each year over here. :)

I have other questions...

Then drop us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.